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Reveal: Living in My Living Room

Finally, the full reveal. You have seen glimpses of my living room in a few of my past posts, but I think it’s time to give you the big tour….

I’ll also have to acknowledge that, yes, that is wrapping paper in my picture frames. And yes, I know it is April… believe me, ‘J’ reminds me everyday…

Paint: “Buried in Sand” Elite Suede in Flat by Para Paint // “Spring Run Off” Elite Suede in Flat by Para Paint
Leather Couches: Leons
Antique Hooiser: My Grandfather
Antique Rail Cart Coffee Table: Aberfoyle Mill
Mini Canon: Aberfoyle Mill
Wine Rack: MGS Metal and Wine Art Fixtures Inc
Antlers: My Dad
Shag Area Rug: Costco
Curtains: Zellers

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One Comment

  1. Your Hoosier cabinet is gorgeous!! I saw it on Pinterest and I have been hunting for one of my own. I finally found it last week! I will pick it up today! Thanks for sharing!!