BlogPodium: My 3 Key Learnings

CONNECTION. CONVERSATION. COLLABORATION. BlogPodium is conference series that brings design & lifestyle bloggers, marketers, and the design community together.


Wow, what a day! No really, it was truly an incredible day! Every year I question whether or not this conference will top the last, and every year we seem to out-do ourselves! Everyone from the speakers and sponsors, to the attendees and BlogPodium team… we all had a great time!

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This year I had a few jobs including unloading the very heavy attendee swag bags (the sponsors we clearly too generous this year!), moderating the panel on “Insider Secrets,” and taking pictures for Julie to share on Twitter & Instagram! It was such a pleasure capturing the looks of joy and delight on everyone’s face!


Of course, the speaker’s sessions went off without a hitch! From Alyssa’s “Instagram 101” workshop to Tiffany Pratt‘s inspiring keynote address, the day ran smoothly! Phew!

Even though I have been blogging for over 6 years (and this was actually my 5th BlogPodium conference!) I still find myself learning new things from the highly knowledgeable speakers! This year, my key learning were more inspirational than practical blogging advice:

1. Comparison Is Noise // Tiffany Pratt said it best: stop comparing yourself to others. It creates noise in your life that is hard to see through, so just don’t do it. We all have our own secret sauce and there is enough to go around… you just need to find what your flavour is and embrace it!

2. Your Guts Know the Answer // Sometimes you just have to trust your gut, and if your gut tells you something you should go with it! I find myself needing to trust my gut more often. There have been sooo many times when I’ve said yes when I should’ve said no, or vise versa, and it left me feeling icky! Trust your gut, always!

3. Being a Supportive Part of the Community Will Get You Far! // As a blogger, nothing will get you turned down faster than being negative or mean. Remember, what you put out there will always come back to you, so if you are kind, helpful and supportive the community will reciprocate. Spread love!


And I say this every year… a BIG thank you to Jen and the rest of the extraordinary BlogPodium team, for once again organizing an amazing conference! Everything from We Create Hoopla’s beautiful decor + swag bags, to the generous sponsors, panelists, and speakers. I cannot wait to see what BlogPodium 2017 brings!

If you could only pick one, what was your one most important take-away from BlogPodium?

Credit: I’d like to thank LLB Creative for the use of her event photos in this post.

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  1. Tiffany’s inspiring comments and her amazing sense of self. Also loved Alyssa’s workshop. and of course the genuine conversations with the sponsors ( oops not just one sorry)