Root Beer Braised Lamb Shoulder with Mashed Potatoes & Roasted Brussels Sprouts

As the weather teeters back and forth between winter and spring, so have my meal choices. These past two weeks my meals have gone from hearty comfort foods, to light salads & BBQ favourites, back to rich comfort foods again. As much as I love a hearty chunk of roast beef and spicy hot chili, I am ready for some grilled veggie kabobs and light flaky salmon.


Although that last blast of winter brought frigid cold and ice, it brought warmth and creativity to my kitchen. For the first time ever I prepared lamb at home. You see, lamb is one of those intimidating meats… it’s a dish that I enjoy very much when prepared by a professional chef, but when it comes to replicating that at home, I tend to panic. After scouring the internet for hours educating myself on the perfect way to cook this cut of meet, I landed upon a very interesting recipe… Root Beer Braised Lamb Shoulder. Root beer? Yes. And let me tell you, it was delicious!

The lamb was so tender, it literally fell off the bone, while the braising liquid made a nice sweet sauce. Of course I served it along side one of my favourite roasted vegetables, brussels sprouts, and a roasted cauliflower and potato mash. So what’s on my menu for the next few weeks? Probably lamb.

What is your favourite restaurant dish that you wish you could replicate at home?

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