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Will You “See the Light” this Earth Day?

“The cheapest energy is the energy you don’t use in the first place” ~ Sheryl Crow

I like to think that I am energy and environmentally conscience. I turn the lights off when I leave a room. I do my laundry in cold water during off-peak hours. I’ll go into a restaurant vs. idling in the drive-thru. I recycle and compost. I do these things on a daily basis not only to help the environment but to save a few bucks along the way. I’ll also be the first to admit that sometimes it’s not easy. Would I prefer to sit in the drive-thru on a cold winter day rather than get out of the car? Absolutely. Is it easier to do my laundry in the middle of the day rather than at 11 o’clock at night? Yes, I would imagine so. However, giving up these little luxuries is nothing compared to the cost of not giving them up.

When ‘J’ and I moved into our new house in October, I swear the first thing on ‘J’s’ list was to replace all of the light bulbs in our house with energy efficient ones. We were quick to realize how expensive this was going to be seeing we have a whopping 48 light bulbs in our house. Not only that, I personally do not like the look of high efficiency bulbs, especially in sconces or fixtures where the bulb is exposed. Slowly this task made it’s way to the bottom of our project list.

It wasn’t until last week, when GE Lighting Canada approached me and asked if they could help make my house more energy efficient for Earth Day, did this project become priority. I talked it over with ‘J’ and his main concern was the fact that energy efficient light bulbs are notoriously slow. I mean, you flick the switch and it takes several minutes to power up to full brightness. Much to our surprise, GE Lighting actually makes a bulb that is “Bright from the Start,” and it looks like a traditional bulb! I’ve never seen ‘J’ jump on a project so quickly!

Sunday afternoon we began swapping…

It’s amazing how making these small changes with GE light bulbs will result in a big difference. After some calculations we figured we will be saving almost $20/month on our electrical bill just by swapping out old light bulbs. With just the flick of a switch, we can see our home (and wallets) in a whole new light!

To celebrate Earth Day, GE Lighting is giving away a coupon to help you “See the Light” in your home. Find the coupons here.

Other Ways to Save Money, Lower Your Energy Bills, and Be Green on Earth Day

Beyond swapping light bulbs, there are many other ways to conserve energy and save money in your home…

Find & Fix Leaks // Leaking water can increase your water bills significantly. Not only that, you are wasting water… something we can sometimes take for granted. Fix leaking pipes, faucets and shower heads.

New Water Heater // A new water heater can also help save energy. Tankless water heaters consume less energy compared to traditional heating tanks.

Slow the Flow // Low-flow faucets can help lower your utility bills significantly, and helps ensures you don’t waste water while washing utensils or bathing.

Ten is Old // While a 10+ year old furnace might still function, it’s very likely that its efficiency is pretty low. A furnace older than 10 years is around 60 percent efficient, whereas new furnaces can be as high as 95% efficient.

DIY // Everyone loves to turn old junk into something new, not to mention it’s a great way to recycle.

How are you going green this Earth Day? What are some of your best energy saving tips?

Disclosure: GE Lighting provided me with product in exchange for this post. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions of their products are my own.

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