My Top 7

1. Have you made Oreo Cookie Chocolate Bark yet? If not, I suggest you get on it.

2. Crock-Pot Giveaway! Crock-Pot Giveaway!

3. Our printer guy brought cookies to the office on Monday… needless to say, I have eaten one everyday for breakfast… and they are still not gone! I don’t know if I can do another week of this….

4. Catching up on my TV this past week. I am not sure where I have been, but I seem to have missed all my most recent shows… Revenge, Happy Endings, and Ringer.

5. “J” has finally worn me down and talked me into getting a Christmas tree. We are going to get one tomorrow. I might have to make a quick pit stop at Canadian Tire, and pick up some of these cute Debbie Travis bell ornaments… I can’t say no to red and white!


6. Starting your own company is hard. Period…. oh and stressful… Hard & Stressful. Period.

7. My “Holiday Week” posts start on Monday, so stay tuned for some festiveness!

Hope you all had a relaxing week, despite Christmas only being 1 week away!! What are plans for the weekend? Last minute shopping? Trimming the tree? Baking?

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