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My Top 7: Vancouver Conference Edition

1. Apps at Forage // Our group of 6 started the night off right with Popcorn & Crackling, Pancetta, Morel Mushrooms & Onion Béchamel Flatbread, Baked Mushrooms & Goat Cheese, and Spicy Kale and Apple Chips! All made with locally grown and produced food!

Appetizers at Forage Vancouver

2. Seeing the Sights // Again, attending a conference does offer its challenges, the main one being how little time you have to explore the city. A few colleagues and I played hooky on Sunday evening and wandered The Market, Granville Island, and the Harbour. We didn’t have the opportunity to see too many places, but there was a lot to see at the places we visited.

3. King Size Bed // Who doesn’t love having a king size bed to themselves for a few days?

4. Dinner at Dockside // By the time dinner time rolled around my colleague Shannon and I were having a monster craving for a lobster roll. Remember the life changing lobster roll I had in San Fran? It was all I could think about… After a quick search of the island and a helpful tweet from Ashley, we decided to give up on our search and head to Dockside for dinner. We dinned on crab cakes, shrimp & crab stuffed artichoke hearts, caesar salad, and local beer.

Dinner at Dockside Vancouver

5. Playing Dress Up // The nice comments were flying left and right as to how nice I looked at the conference. To be honest, I like dressing up for this kind of thing seeing I spend most days in an oversized t-shirt, leggings, and no make-up. #workingpajamas

6. Raspberry Beer // I think I found my new favourite beer… Granville Island False Creek Raspberry Ale. Yum!

Granville Island False Creek Raspberry Ale

7. Scott Stratten // So here’s where I get to geek out a little… I high-fived Scott Stratten!! Take that internets!

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