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My Top 7: Napa + CIA Edition

1. Video at CIA // As mentioned before I left, my reason for travelling to Napa was to shoot some cooking videos at the Culinary Institute of America. I am happy to say, this was one of the most exciting experiences of my career to date! The Chef was knowledgeable and great on camera. The production crew was beyond professional…. and although the shoots were a grueling 10 hours, it was extremely fun.

2. Target // Call me crazy, but whenever I’m in the US I always stop at Target. After a quick 15 minute shopping trip, I walked out with this summer dress. Can’t wait to wear it.

3. Saturday Night Dinner // Most people who visit Napa, or the CIA for that matter, don’t know that the CIA has their own restaurant run by the students. Saturday evening, after a long day of shooting, we headed to the rustic patio to enjoy a gourmet meal. I had the ricotta filled ravioli, and of course the flourless chocolate cake for dessert.

4. BottleRock in Napa // Little did we know when we booked our video shoot three months ago, there would be a very large concert in town that weekend. With 60 incredible bands and a dedicated gourmet food garden, BottleRock was just what my colleague and I needed Sunday night. With beer + fish tacos in hand, we relaxed while taking in the last set of the night, the Zac Brown Band (who, by the way, did an incredible cover of Metallica).

5. Django Unchained // Can you believe there was not a single movie on the flight that I had not seen… expect for Django Unchained. So I watched it. It was pretty damn good.

6. On the Roof // Friday night we found ourselves at The Thomas – a rooftop patio restaurant that overlooks Napa. We sampled the Mushroom Mousse (which was delicious) and the Salmon Tartar with Tarro Chips… I then proceeded to eat a very large burger… which I finished, completely. #SoFull

7. Allergies // My allergies kicked my butt this trip. Sneezing, sniffling, watery eyes… the whole 9 yards. Not ideal when you are trying to be quiet on-set and all your body wants to do is let out a sneeze…

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