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Holiday Week: DIY Christmas Grapevine Wreath

Holiday-Week-2011You know what? Shopping is exhausting. More specifically, shopping for someone other than yourself is exhausting. This is life lesson #57 I learned this weekend… “J” and spent close to an entire day Christmas shopping. Mostly for his family, because let’s face it, he is a man, and waited until the last shopping weekend before Christmas to shop for everyone.

But it wasn’t until we sat down for lunch to discuss how the hell we are going to make it all 7 parties we have this season, that I realized there are only 6 more days until Christmas! Yes count’em… six! That’s it!

I will admit, somewhere in those 8 stressful shopping hours I started to feel festive… festive & crafty… which was a good thing, because the week prior, I had found myself in the Christmas isle at Micheal’s… ok, ok, the clearance Christmas isle… And it was at that moment I declared, “I am going to make a wreath!”

So when the “omgareweevergoingtofinish” shopping spree ended, I made a wreath…

DIY-Grapevine-Wreath NOEL-Wreath-DIY Christmas-Wreath-DIY Holiday-DIY-Wreath

Yup. Rather impressive if I do say so myself.  And it cost me about $10 to make.

See, there are benefits to waiting until the last minute… and knowing your way around a Micheal’s clearance section…. and being a little cheap! 😉

And for the record, next year I will know better when “J” says, “I just have to get a few more things….”

What type of DIY’s have you tackled this holiday season?

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