My Top 7

1. My new boots. I finally caved and bought new boots… well, 3 pairs of new boots to be exact. I actually couldn’t buy just one because the sale was “Buy One, Get Two Free.” How was I supposed to turn that down? Exactly!

2. Halloween Week was a smashing success! Lots of positive comments, a ton new followers, and almost 300 downloads of my Free Printable Halloween Package. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did!

3. Re-organizing every room in my house last Sunday. Since roommate moved out, it seems like I have a TON of extra space. At the same time I managed to throw out 5 bags of junk/garbage, and donated 2 big bags to Goodwill.

4. Awards. I found out last week that I am nominated for a very important marketing award which is presented to a influential, young marketer in the produce sector… Fingers crossed, I hope to hear the good news next Friday at the awards gala…

5. Trying to find a dress for said awards gala. I have yet to have any luck… but I am lusting after these…


6. Gathering all the materials to make my gift for the Canadian Favourite Things Christmas Swap, hosted by Leigh & Lindsey. This is my first time taking part in a swap, so I am a little excited ok, ok!?

7. Running outside twice this week! Yes, twice… in October/November! And I didn’t freeze my ass off either.

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

{Dresses via Le Chateau}

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