Welcome to the Family…

I would like to introduce you to Mr. Hoosier.

Mr. Hoosier is the newest addition to my antique furniture collection… and by “addition” I mean he is the first. Mr. Hoosier is very old… and speaks with a french accent, don’t ask why.

He was handed down to my grandfather over 30 years ago. At that time Mr. Hoosier, I’m afraid to say, was kind of a homeless bum. He somehow made his way into our family’s barn and disguised himself as a ratty-old work bench. Luckily my grandfather found him and cleaned him up.

Mr. Hoosier finally made his way into my house… and despite his age, and life experience, I think he is very handsome and distinguished.

Everyone, say hello.

Do you have any antiques that were passed down in your family?

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