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Our Last Night…

Tonight is the last night I will spend in my house. Although I have been looking forward to moving into the new house with “J,” this time is sort of bittersweet. My house came at a time when I needed a fresh start – it symbolized my independence and perseverance. It helped me to grow. It has taught me the importance of responsibility, hard work, and determination. It has seen me become the person I am today.

These walls have witnessed reno’s, Christmases, several birthdays, roommates, art projects, a helping hand, a career change, and a few surprises – there is no doubt a lot of my life experience lives within this house.

This move represents a new chapter in my life – an important chapter. I couldn’t be happier to finally move and officially start my life with “J.”

So, farewell house – our time together has truly been an experience I will never forget.

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