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Master Bedroom Reveal

Remember alllll the way back in June when I put together my inspiration board for this master bedroom makeover (yes, it was that long ago)? I said I wanted a master bedroom that was serene, pretty, and above all, comfortable! Well, not to toot my own horn… but I think I nailed it!

Before I get into all the details, let’s take a step back (we can’t appreciate how far we’ve come until we take a look back, am I right?). When “J” and I bought this house in May 2012 it was what I like to call a “builder basic house.” It basically had enough in it to get by! Over the past 5 years, we’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into upgrading & customizing it to making it feel more like a home! We renovated the kitchen, built a beautiful shed and patio cover in the backyard, upgraded the lighting in our dining room, refreshed a bathroom, and made over a guest bedroom (and we are nowhere near done yet!). So that brings us to the master bedroom…

The master bedroom sat high on my to-do list for a long time… after all, it’s where “J” and I spend a significant amount of time (albeit sleeping, but hey, time is time!), but other projects always ended up taking priority. In May 2016 I thought the makeover would pick up steam when “J” and I decided to install a feature wall using Metrie trim. It turned out beautifully, but once that was installed our attentions were once again drawn to the backyard.

It wasn’t until last summer when I had the opportunity to work with Alexandria Mouldings, did we jump into the master bedroom project again with both feet! While the installation process was a bit intimidating, I was over the moon with the results! Seeing how quickly a room could be transformed with simple trim and bit of elbow grease was just the kick-in-the-pants I needed!

Slowly things started to come together. I bought a new headboard (while on sale for 50% off at The Bay win!!!), hung a gallery wall, and installed a new ceiling lighting from Wayfair. And then came accessories. I’m going to admit, I have a hard time accessorizing. I tend to gravitate towards MORE. More layers, more knick-knacks, more art… more, more, more! With my end goal being a look that was “serene and pretty” I really had to edit myself and go for a less-is-more approach.

As I went through the process of selecting accessories I asked myself, “what purpose will this serve? Is it needed or will it just be clutter?” This really helped weed out what was needed for the room and what would just collect dust. This approach also helped me keep my budget in check! At the end of the day, I spent close to $900 purchasing art, accessories, accent furniture, and lighting.

While this room might look like a steal coming in at $900, it should be noted that most the major furnishings were purchased 2+ years ago, so this was truly a decor-only project. The nightstands were an IKEA hack I had put together in 2014, the king-sized bed was an investment we made in early 2016 (after realizing how much room Maddy took up in our queen), and the large dresser was a DIY that I’ve had for years!

I’ve always been a “neutrals” girl, so the colour palette I worked with was a combination of taupes, green, grey, white and cream, accented with warm wood. The simplistic palette unifies the room making it feel welcoming, calm, and collected! I just love, love, looooove how beautifully everything came together!

So, there you have it! A reveal of a room that (in my opinion) took me far too long to pull together, but I am over the moon for! And you know who else is pretty fond of it… Maddy!

Sourcing: Round Mirror, Wayfair | Gluckstein Home Headboard, The Bay | Nightstands, Ikea | Gluckstein Home Bed Linens, Home Outfitters | Side Table Lights, Homesense | Picture Frames, Ikea | Bench, Wayfair | Faux Fur Rug, Homesense | Basket, Homesense | Cream Throw, Chapters-Indigo | Wooden Tray, Homesense | Wall Tapestry, Target | Curtains, Ikea | Pouf, Walmart | Ceiling Light, Wayfair | Throw Pillows, Walmart

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