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La Terrasse AMC & Nikki Beach… Party at TIFF

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that last night Nikki & I attended the very happenin’ La Terrasse AMC & Nikki Beach Opening Night Party at TIFF…

La-Terrasse-Nikki-Beach Sisters-Nikki-Beach

This was my last ditch attempt to hold onto both summer… and my youth. Both failed horribly…

  1. Although it tunred out to be a gorgeous night {the moon was high in the sky behind the CN Tower} there was a slight chill in the air…. meaning, summer is over.
  2. I have quickly realized my body is not capable of staying up until 2am, getting up at 6:30, and working 8 hours {who knew!?}
  3. Regardless of the weather and my apparent “oldness,” Nikki and I did enjoy ourselves. Perched atop the gorgeous TIFF Bell Lightbox, we overlooked the city while drinking Stella and enjoying a plate of Sushi. The gorgeous, classic Nikki Beach wood and white furniture offered us great relief from the ridiculous hot shoes we wore… plus who wouldn’t want to sit and take this all in…


Upon mingling time, we met up with fellow bloggers Eva and Catriona {Coco & Lowe} for a quick picture and to thank them for the passes… Thanks again ladies! 🙂


At the end of the night Nikki and I hobbled back to the car, parked 5 blocks away in some random Green P parking lot… Note to self: Just because shoes look “hot” doesn’t mean they won’t grind your feet to a pulp!

All-in-all, we had a great night, and it was the perfect opportunity to finish off the summer… and my quickly fading youth!


Spotted Celebs: Bono, Ben Mulroney, Sandra Kim, George Stroumboulopoulos, Brad J. Lamb {Big City Broker}
Heard, But Not Seen: Elizabeth Shue, Colin Farrell, Ka’nan, Jimmy Iovine & Woody Harrelson

What are you all up to this lovely weekend?

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