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Everybody Knows a Birthday Party is All About the Food…

Yesterday I hosted my mother’s surprise 50th birthday party. She literally had no idea it was coming.

Amanda, Nikki, Someone & I spent the entire day cleaning, cooking, and baking… Let me tell you, we put on quite the spread! From pasta salad & sliders, to mini cupcakes & Italian sausages, we had it all… and enough to feed an army.

50th-Birthday-Party 50th-Birthday-Balloons 50th-Birthday-Spread 50th-Birthday-Cake Smarties-Mini-Cupcakes

A lot of work… but 110% worth it.

Greek-Pasta-Salad2 Birthday-Party-Food Mini-PC-Sliders Antique-Window-Frame-Pictur

Thanks to all my family & friends who came out to celebrate and eat all our food. Now, I will not be stuck at home trying to finish an entire 1.6L container of greek pasta salad and 30+ mini cupcakes before they go bad. My ass & thighs thank you as well.

Have you ever thrown/attended a surprise birthday party?

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