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In One Year…

In one year we have // traveled, hiked, camped, snowboardedcottaged. We have decorated our first Christmas tree & kissed on New Years. We have carved pumpkins & gardened… but not on the same day. We have bought our dream house.

In one year you have // bought me too many things I have wanted. You have sat by my bedside until the drugs wore off. You have learned not to come with me to Amanda’s for Grey’s night. You have kept me on track with my business taxes, even though I fight it. You have made up more cutesy, disgusting and weird nicknames for me, I can’t keep track of them all.

In one year I have // said “I love you, more” too many times to count. I have been away more times than I think you would like. I have declared you the best thing to ever happen to me, and completely given you my heart.

Look at all the wonderful things that can happen in a single year. Here’s to the many more to come.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary “J.”

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