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10 Things I Learned While Camping

10. You can never have too much beer. When you are drinking for 4 days make sure you work a bit of variety in there… try light beer, lemon beer, lime beer, etc.

9. When on vacation, food does not have calories or fat. Seriously, it doesn’t! 😉


8. Even though it is only 5 days, you will endure a mild case of twitter/blogging withdrawal.

7. Morning breath after a night of beer and Thai Garlic Shrimp is not pleasant.

6. When camping with a tornado watch be sure to bring lots of tarps… use them liberally.


5. Always have a Cesear with your breakfast… it just makes everything better… don’t ask why…

4. Tabasco is not just for food… it also works as a skunk repellent. No really, it does! Just chase the skunk away and then sprinkle the tabasco on the “trail” where it first entered your campsite… goodbye Pepé!

3. Skinny dipping is fun.


2. The farther North you are the more beautiful & brighter the stars…


1. Cherish these memories, and be thankful you have such wonderful friends to share them with.

How was your weekend loves?


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