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I’m Outta Here!

I finally decided that it’s time that I take a few days off… after all, I have over 3 months worth of lieu hours to use at work… {I know I’m dedicated, I work a lot of overtime!}

First thing tomorrow morning I am heading to Grove City, PA to do some “shopping” with my step-mom, Brenda.

And by “shopping” I mean watching her shop, since I am mostly broke from the insulation, cheap basement facelift, and the new furnace… and by broke I mean that I am actually saving for furniture for the basement so I won’t be spending frivolously!

Not all is lost though, I have allotted myself a tiny “use if necessary” budget to grab items that I simply cannot live without… you know, the items that you dream about for weeks after walking away from them…
In all honesty, the main reason I am going is just to get away!!! I’ve had a very, very stressful/weird few weeks, so this trip is actually the start of a cleanse to get rid of all the negativity in my life right now, and to restore some mental balance… not that I am mentally unstable or anything… ?? lol!!

But don’t you all worry… I will be back, refreshed, and ready to mingle at this Saturday’s Canadian Design Blogger Meet-up… And who knows, maybe I will find a cute outfit to wear while “shopping!”

See you all in a few!

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