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My Top 7

1. Had a busy, but fun, weekend… Two highlights would have to be drinking a delicious Mojito with friends Saturday afternoon while BBQing… And laughing my ass of at Yuk Yuk’s Saturday night… It was an all woman line-up, and let me tell you, it got pretty raunchy!

2. Spending time with… someone… taking each day as it comes, learning more and more… slowly letting my guard down… I’ve got some crazy walls built….

3. I am seriously lusting over necklaces lately… I think it first started when I purchased my feather necklace from Amanda Deer… but I have a serious want-on for these…. by Theresa Mink | Michelle Chang.

4. Busy, busy, busy at work getting ready for our breast cancer promotion that launches in September… I say that I am busy now, but come September this will look like a walk in the park… Remember last September?…. I am actually not looking forward to the end of August… can it be summer forever? pretty please!?

5. Looking forward to going to the cottage for the long weekend… It’s gonna be a full house! Me & someone, Amanda & Jax, Nikki & Chris, my aunt & her two boys, and my grandparents… Big plans to go canoeing and fishing…. And I am not going to lie… probably going to make s’mores! Is it Friday yet?

6. It has been hellishly HOT here the past week… seriously it was 32°C (89°F) in my bedroom the other night… but I’m not complaining! We have pretty much 9 months of cold winter here, so what’s one week of 35+??

7. Big congrats to Kerry & B who welcomed little Halle Evelyn into the world on Saturday… Wish you guys all the best with peanut….

How was your weekend? Did you get into any trouble? Do you have a Top 7 to share? Leave a link!

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