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Transformers 3: The Apartment

Tuesday night I went and saw Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon 3D… this was only after realizing that date and I, although we arrived 20 minutes early, were late to get good seats for Horrible Bosses… It was a pretty good movie… about 10 minutes too long, but otherwise pretty good!

One thing that really caught my eye in this movie was the apartment that Shia Labeouf’s character Sam, and his new girlfriend Carly, played by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley {thank god they got rid of Megan Fox!}, live in.

So, naturally I spent most of yesterday scouring the internets trying to find the actual apartment set… no luck! I tried to find pictures from the apartment… no luck!… I tried to find pictures of old apartments in Chicago/Washington… no luck! {and frustrated beyond belief}… So, as a last resort I settled for photos of similar apartments…

I just love the old, shabby, somewhat industrial, feel the apartment had… That said, go see Transformers 3 so I am not the only one frustrated that I can’t find set photos!

Have you ever seen an interior set on a movie that you just fell in love with?

I also love the condo in The Break-Up.

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