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Playing Hooky to Carpet Hunt

I don’t often miss work, in fact this year was the first time I actually had to call in sick on two consecutive days…  I have also never played hooky…. that was until yesterday…

I was really starting to feel the stress of the past two weeks… I mean working 10+ days in a row, 3 of them at a trade show, can really take its toll on you… So yesterday I didn’t go to work… That’s right I told them I wasn’t coming in!! This is big people!

Want to know what I did instead?

I went shopping for carpet!

Installing new carpet in my living room, on my stairs, and in my upstairs hallway has been on my “List” for a while now…. it was just a matter of finding time to go out and get quotes…

So Amanda and I headed out to what I am going to call “The Flooring Strip” in our town {Victoria St. for you local readers… you know what I am talking about! lol} and shopped a few places for samples, sales and quotes….

I decided on this carpet from Source Flooring Distributors….


It’s only $.99/sq foot, and is pretty neutral… The job is about 400sq.ft with 13 stairs, so the total cost would be under $1100 installed…

Not bad right?

My dad nearly had a brain aneurysm when I told him I wasn’t getting it done by his beloved Home Depot… luckily he still agreed to help me tear out the old carpet…

I am going to book it to be installed {hopefully} on Sunday May 15th so that Dad and I can have all day Saturday to rip out the old carpet… I know it shouldn’t take that long, but I know he is going to go all perfectionist on me when it comes to not wrecking the baseboards that we installed when I first moved in…

I am excited to get this off my “list”… So stay tuned!

Have you ever played hooky? What did you do? I hope it was something more fun than carpet shopping?

{Stroke off #92}

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