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Currently on my nightstand…

… well it’s one of the things that is currently on my nightstand {if you include 3 empty water bottles, a hair elastic, and a bunch of spare change… mostly pennies}…

Although I am having trouble finding time to read this book, whenever I do I can’t put it down!! It’s the same with her show, Chelsea Lately & Chelsea After Lately… I always try, try, try to be at home at 11:00pm on weeknights to watch it with the roommate {it has kinda become our thing…}

I do however would put a 18+ rating on this book… Chelsea Handler has the tendency to have a trucker mouth, and tell stories that sometimes include a little too much information… but I think that I have said this before, I swear like a sailor, so I don’t mind… and who doesn’t like a funny dirty story now & again….

I would love to see her stand-up comedy tour, but unfortunately I missed it when she came to Toronto… {anyone see it??}

So, if you are looking for a laugh {or eight…} I would highly suggest anything that has to do with Chelsea Handler… girl!

What books are on your nightstand? Have any suggestions?

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