How Winning a Faucet Got My Dishwasher Installed

You all know my sad dishwasher story, so I’m not going to pine over it {deep breath… suppress your rage… deep breath… ok}

Have you ever started a project and then realized “well, I can’t do that until I do that. But then I can’t do that until I do that…” and so on…

Installing my brand new Delta faucet was one of those projects.

PD and I quickly came to realize that there was a {massive} chain of events that had to occur before I would be touching my brand new love… most of which included destroying my kitchen!

  • The countertop had to be removed to install the dishwasher, so there was no point in installing the faucet only to take it off again when we were ready to install the dishwasher… this fact is what pushed the installation along a little quicker… thank god!
  • In order to remove the countertop, we would have to remove the sink.
  • In order to remove the sink we would have to turn off the taps.
  • Turns out the turn off taps were corroded, so they would have to be removed and replaced which involved cutting pipes and soldering.
  • Once the pipes were disconnected, we discovered a very disgusting counter underneath the sink…uck! Enter CLR and a spare hour and I had this baby shined up like new! *Sparkley*
  • Once the countertop was off, we had to remove the unit closest to the stove and shift all the cabinets over 1/2 inch to make room for the dishwasher.
  • We then realized that we needed to create a “wall” to go between the stove and the dishwasher.
  • Once the “wall” was in we could put the countertop back on, slide the dishwasher in, put the clean sink back in, and connect the drains.
  • But wait a minute… there were only 2 holes drilled in the countertop. To install the new faucet there needed to be three… enter the drill.

  • Once the holes were drilled, everything was easy as pie from there on in… fits like a glove!

And then came the moment that almost brought tears to my eyes… everything was finished!!!

Ahhh sigh of relief! I guess the moral of my story is “good things come to those who wait…” And lord knows I waited… and waited… and waited… so I am beyond thrilled that I can stroke another large project off my “To-Do” list!

So? What do you think?

Do you like the Delta Faucet? Hmmm? Do You?
Would you like to have one for yourself? Hmmm? Would you?

I need to hear you say “yes” and I will see what I can do 😉

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