If you don’t make it, it’s your own damn vault…

Last Thursday, my lovely home blogger friend Janice, at Life Begins at Thirty, posted some amazing pictures of a master bathroom in a house that she found in Leslieville…


My first reaction was “….look at those vaulted ceilings!”

My second reaction was “… they really used the space well despite the vaulted ceilings…”

My third reaction was “… if I were to walk into an empty room with such steep vaulted ceilings I would likely walk right back out!”

Why you ask? Why such an adverse reaction to a steep vaulted ceiling? Well my friends, quite frankly they scare me… and stifle my creativity… I mean, where would you put an armoire, or a refrigerator, or a shower, or something else that is tall and uses up a lot of head space?! Really! Where would you put it?

See, the freakout begins.

Luckily there are a lot of great designers out there who know just how to utilize the space in room with vaulted ceilings… check out these beauties…

Low-Vaulted-Ceiling-1 Low-Vaulted-Ceiling-2 Low-Vaulted-Ceiling-3 Low-Vaulted-Ceiling-4 Low-Vaulted-Ceiling-5 Low-Vaulted-Ceiling-6 Low-Vaulted-Ceiling-7 Low-Vaulted-Ceiling-8

{via 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~ 6 ~ 7 ~ 8}

What do you think of vaulted ceilings? Do you have them in your house?{T

itle quote from Land of the Lost… Will Ferrell… go figure!}

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