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Free Printable Holiday Shopping List

If you know me, you know I love to make lists… It helps keep me organized and on track… or at least makes me feel like something is nice and orderly in my hectic, crazy life…

I got paid today… and my train of thought went something like this:

“paycheck…. money, money, money, moooney….. I should buy myself something nice… but Christmas is coming up soooo…. hot damn! how many more paychecks until christmas? … what!! only three? wtf that can’t be right?!…. oh jesus it’s right!…. I have to start my christmas present planning asap… I need to make a list!”

So in order to fulfill my sick desire/need to make lists, I came up with this cute Free Printable Holiday Shopping List…

Free Printable Holiday Shopping ListNow all you other sick list-makers can join in on the fun! Sorry for enabling you. 😉

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Click here to download the printable PDF.

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