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BlogPodium: Blogs + Media Recap

Conversation, collaboration, connection. BlogPodium is conference series that brings design & lifestyle bloggers, marketers, and the design community together.

I couldn’t help but agree with the Mission of the BlogPodium Conference, as it did exactly that! On Friday, at IDS12, over 60 veterans and newbies in the lifestyle blogging world came together to listen & learn from a knowledgeable panel of industry professionals… all with difference perspectives but a similar message.

Here is the rundown of the great tips that the expert panel suggested….

  • Rambler? “Try to keep it under 500 words. We all have short attention spans.”
  • “Think about the best fit for your look. Which mag should it be pitched to? The one that matches your look”
  • “I am always looking. No hint drop is lost to me… but at the same time we want our content to be a surprise.”
  • “Nice photos…. and with the toilet seat down!”
  • Pitching: “Have good scouting shots. Use natural light. Pull back to see entire space. Principal rooms.”
  • “When working on an editorial line up we take into consideration tends, seasonality, audience, etc.”
  • “I appreciate a well edited blog. Wide and deep searches create a package of arresting beauty.”
  • “Bloggers need to be out in the trenches spotting trends for us”
  • Downside of blogging? “Dilution of the value of professionals in the industry. Always give credit!”
  • The best thing about blogging? “The conversation it is creating & getting feedback.”
  • How do you pull it all together to get noticed? “If you want to be on TV you have to have video on your blog”
  • How to get noticed? “Editing is key!”
  • How to spot a good blog? “There has to be an original voice. I have to learn something from you!”
  • “When you think you have a A+ project pitch the idea to the big 3 mags first… Then pitch to online mag”
  • “Rooms that have been published on 100 blogs might not get published in a Mag. We want something original”
  • “We all need to be in this together!”
  • “We just launched www.BusinessOfDesign.com last night….”
  • Best tip “Put your photo on your blog, we need to see who you are!”
  • “Don’t publicly pitch on Twitter”
  • Do numbers sway opinion? “Yes. If you have a lot of followers, we are going to gain something.”
  • “Bring me something you are not going to see anywhere else. Short. Sweet. Cute”
  • Making the Pitch: “Bio, picture, address. What you represent and are inspired by. Your own creativity.”
  • “If something has been published, we might ask you to do it again, recreating it live.”
  • “Social media is a great way to get exposure. You are a sharing group, so share.”
  • “Sometimes I need to see some fun! It’s not only about content but about entertainment.”
  • “Holding guest posts on your blog will also help drive traffic to your blog”
  • Is blogging everyday important? “Consistency. Blog 3-4 times per week. Do an editorial calendar for the year”
  • “Every guest post u do on someone else’s blog could lead to something else. So out your best work out there”
  • Best way to get people to follow? “Blog design. Guest posts. Pinterest.”
  • “Put your best work out there. Guest post. Get noticed. Follow up.”
  • Getting noticed? “Pictures! Develop your photography skills”

Of course the event would not have been possible without the tireless work of Lindsay and Jennifer, and  the very generous support of the sponsors:

And don’t forget to check out the wonderful event photos taken by the uber-talented Jason Hudson!

What do you take away, or see as important from the speakers points above?

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