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Friends with Benefits

Hahah I got you on the title didn’t I?? No, no it’s not what you think 😉 Let me explain…

I have been in the food industry for 4 years now (wow, it doesn’t seem that long until you write it down… oh I’m getting old!), and I have worked A LOT of consumer/trade shows… and after a while all the other exhibitors start to know who you are, what your product is, and they really start to look forward to seeing you at the shows… basically they become your “Show Family” (as Nikki and I affectionately call them).

One of the major benefits of hanging around with your “Show Family” for 25 hours in 3 days is {of course building relationships} but also free swag! Who doesn’t love free swag?

This picture represents my “haul” from this past weekend (at the show in Ottawa). Yup, all this was free!

See, what happens is companies bring their product and always, always bring way to much (better to be over stocked than under stocked as I always say!) So if you are going home with boxes, why in the world would you go home with boxes of your own product when you can go home with someone elses!! So at the end of the show, the trading begins!

Unfortunately {most of the time} we are borderline out of product by this time so we really have nothing to trade. Exhibitors only end up giving us stuff because we fed them all weekend! Our product is one of the only fresh products that don’t get lumped into the category of “weekend junk food” which is why we are constantly feeding the other exhibitors our healthy alternative. Yahhh for good, healthy food!

So, wanna know what I scored?
– 2 Schick Quattro for Women TrimStyle Razors
– Shaving Cream
– 7 tins of Planter’s Peanuts + 2 Peanut Head Jars (which will be used for prizes at my sister’s stag and doe)
– certified organic and GMO-free Nutra Soy Milk (in chocolate)
– 3 bags of Pita Break pitas (in apple cinnamon, morning grains, and my favourite cranberry orange)
– A giant handful of Pita Break Lavash (in chipotle and multi-grain honey flavours)
Omega Crunch Garlic Flax Seed (I eat their Maple flavour on my oatmeal all the time!)
– 12 Hidden Valley Ranch single serving dips
– Snack Bag of Old Dutch Plain Chips
– Dare’s Breton and Vinta Crackers
– Orange Mango Kiju Juice
– Several different varieties of Clover Leaf Tuna and Salmon (they were the booth right beside us, so I enjoyed their food almost all weekend!)
– 4 Larabar‘s (in key lime, peanut butter, and apple pie flavours)
– 3 Atkin’s Advantage Bars (in caramel creme coffee and chocolate chip flavours)
Splenda Flavours for Coffee Samples
– 4 bricks of Havarti Cheese
– 1 brick of Feta
– 3 Tubs of Summer Fresh Hummus (in spicy hummus and roasted garlic flavours)
– 1 container of Summer Fresh Caprese Salad

Wowza huh?? That’s a lot of stuff!

So I am sure you know what this means… REVIEWS!!!

I have got several different reviews planned for over the next week or two as I try out all these new products! Woot!

AND… I just want to say that I am in no way receiving monetary gain or anything from the reviews or the links provided… I just want you all to be able to find the products I am talking about 🙂 cus I’m nice like that! lol!!

So out of all these products what one would you like to hear my review on first?? Have you personally tried anything listed above? What did you think?

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