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Cottaging Part 2: Take Me Out!

The last trip to the cottage, we didn’t really get to go anywhere because we were not paying attention to the date, ya we went up on a long weekend so everything was pretty much closed… this time however we did get to take a little outing into the local town of Wiarton… {and yes I remember my camera this time!}

It wasn’t very warm the entire weekend, but the sun did make an appearance for most of the day, which was nice. It was super windy though!

We took a nice leisurely stroll through the town checked out a few shops, and went to the park with Jax…

The boys {+ Nikki} decided to go fishing at the Bruce Peninsula Portage…

Once we all were back at the cottage we had dinner and then enjoyed a few board games over a drink… or two… or three… 🙂

I came in third 🙁 lol I usually come in first…. I don’t know what the heck happened!! {and yes, it says my name is Ballaz… hhahaha}

The sun was setting just as we got all settled in around the campfire…

A great way to end the last night at the cottage!

What do you do when you got to your cottage? Relax? Play games? Go shopping?

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