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It’s finally done! And I am happy to report that the 10 bags of insulation did not suffer the same fate at my dishwasher!
We actually managed to install it all on Friday afternoon {in the glorious, sunny 16C weather}, along with ceiling lights in all of the upstairs rooms, and cable into my room {so now I can get a TV… finally!}

So, we set up the {nearly free} insulation blower, and fed the blow-pipe {I am not sure if that is what it is called, but that is what I am going to call it.. lol} up through my bedroom window and into the attic…
My job, naturally, was to “feed the machine!”
I’m not going to lie, this was easy as pie… if I could do it, you could do it!

Needless to say I am not sure I am going to need this anymore, I have already noticed a HUGE difference in how warm my room is…

My dad’s response to that statement was, “well of course it’s going to be warmer, we put almost 8 inches of insulation up there… the stuff you had before was equivalent to a pancake!”

Yes dad… thanks…

Have you ever had to install insulation? Did you use one of these machines? What did you think?

I would highly suggest this route for anyone thinking of insulation 😉

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