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Pumpkin Patch

Just got back from a nice morning out at the pumpkin patch… but it almost didn’t happen!

I get to Amanda’s house to pick her and Jax up… the sun was out…

We get in the car… the sun was out…

We head to the farm… it’s started to get cloudy…

We get there and park the car… it started to spit out….

Amanda gets out of the car… it started to pour!!


So, for the next 10 minutes we sit in the car listening to Jax saying “Mom… mommy… mom… out?…. We go out?…. Mom… mum?”

Luckily we waited it out, so we managed to get a good hour and a half at the farm. We took a ton of pictures {my final count was 135}… we did the farm animal tour, the jumpy castle, the train ride, had some delicious apple fritters, and capped the trip off by picking out a pumpkin.

A good day! And of course look at my little muffin top… so much bigger than last time, but not any less cute!

What did you do today while the sun was out {or not out, depending on where you are… lol}?

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