I should have listened…

Yesterday was a gorgeous day! Sunny, a warm 25C, and breezy!

I sat at my desk alllll day thinking “I can’t wait to run outside! I can’t wait to run outside! I can’t wait to run outside!” I wanted to burst with excitement!

After my spectacular 10km run on Monday {which left me feeling greeeaat!}, Head thought, “yup you can do that again,” and on my way out the door Body thought, “yup you can do that again.”

About a quarter of the way through my run {around km #2} Body started complain. “My quads are starting to feel tight. You feel that in your calves? You better turn around now, that’s gonna hurt tomorrow!” And then Head just laughed, “come on Body we’re only at km 2! I know you can do a full 10. See the sun? It’s so nice out! Plus you could use a little colour anyways, let’s keep going! Suck it up and take one for the team.”

I’m sorry, I had to agree with Head on this one! It was a nice day, the first one we have had in a long time, so I kept going…

Head, happily along for the ride, bopped along singing with the music, and soaked up the sun. I noticed that my pace started to gradually slow, I had to stop to take more walking breaks than usual… then out of nowhere {around km #5} Body pipped up, “STOP & STRETCH Dammit!!! Sit your ass down on the grass and stretch out that calf muscle. Can you not feel that up there?”

Head finally agreed on this one…

I had a nice 5 minute break on the grass and did some random stretching…. {hmmm Body was right, it made it feel slightly better!}

The last 3km home were a struggle and a half! Head wasn’t really paying attention, it was off playing in the clouds in lala-land somewhere, but Body… oh Body was screaming!!

By the time I got home Body had decided that it hated me, and when Head finally returned to this planet it was not impressed either.

Stiff and sore. Not a fun way to spend the night!

To make up for the abuse, Head was kind enough to treat Body to some Marble Slab Ice Cream… it was delicious! Body was happy… wallet on the other hand was not too thrilled!

Have you ever done something where your head was like “go for it!” but your body was like “nopers,” or the other way around?? Who did you end up siding with? What were the consequences?

Last summer when I was at the beach Head said “Put some sunscreen on!” and body said “look, you are way to pale, a little sun will do us good!” I agreed with Body… a bottle of Aloe Vera later, I realized I should have agreed with Head {hence #13 on my list}.

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