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Ottawa Road Trip Part 1: On the Road

I’m back, and we had a blast! Even though we had quite of bit of FAIL moments along the way, we still made it, it was fun, and it was exactly what I needed right now (I was starting to get the traveling itch… I needed to go somewhere, anywhere! I think I am cured for at least another month… lol)

We hit the road at 4:00pm… but really by the time we made a few last minute stops to pick up supplies we were on the 401 by 5:00pm…

Now for those of you who know my area, this means we would be cruising right into Toronto just in time to hit rush hour traffic! FAIL #1!

It was sunny, bright and warm, and every Canadian knows that once you get these three factors it’s Iced Cap season! Not all iced caps are made the same… both Nikki and I like ours made with chocolate milk instead of the three shots of 18% cream they usually put in it (yikes!). If you’ve seen the ads, you know that they say they can be made with choco-milk, but unfortunately I guess Tim Horton’s does not train their employees how to make it with choco-milk because EVERY time we ordered one it was made with freakin cream!! After the first one of the trip we stopped ordering them and just drank coffee. FAIL #2

Nikki laughing at me as we devoured a mixed vegetable bowl on our way into Toronto…

And there she is… traffic coming to a complete crawl just as we arrive in Toronto at about 6:15pm!

So what do we do in this situation? Of course we crank the music and have a “dance party!” It makes the time go by faster 😉

After sitting on the 401 for about an hour I quickly realized that we had forgot to put some of the supplies into the Koolatron cooler we had brought… it was all plugged in and would be nice and cold… or so we thought! Nikki opens it, sticks her hand in, and yells “WTF! It’s boiling hot in there!!!”


We were sooo confused!? This was not our cooler so we had no idea how to use it (but honestly it came with a plug that you plug into the cars electrical socket, so how hard could it be??)

So we ended up unplugging it, and buying a bag of ice… FAIL #3

{Cooler Fail Side Story: It was not until we arrived at the show, when one of our friends from the Dairy Farmers of Canada informed us that this model of Koolatron can be used as both a cooler and heater depending on what way you plug it in. “There should be a blue arrow and a red arrow, it’s pretty self explanatory after that!” he laughed. Sure enough, upon further inspection there were little arrows, but because of years of use they were mostly rubbed off, so not our fault! lol. At least we had a cooler now!}

At the ice stop we grabbed some apples and bananas to snack on… I believe there was also another Tim Horton’s stop in there too, of course!

So, if you have ever driven the 401 before you would know that there are rest stops that you can just pull into without getting off the actual highway. Well it became quickly apparent as we drove further and further that all of these were being torn down and replaced with a sign that said “Renovating to serve you better” (these signs do not serve me better when I have four coffees in me, a massive leg cramp, and I just want to get the hell out of a van that smells like feet!)

We finally found the last one that was open (as did EVERY OTHER PERSON on their way to Ottawa!)

Not sure why, but apparently this last one does not have enough staff to change the parking lot garbage cans… FAIL #4

After that stop we had approximately another 2 hours to go. We stopped taking pictures because it got dark, and Nikki said she didn’t want me jerking the wheel when she blinded me with a flash… Fair enough!

The rest of the drive was spent jammin out to Meatloaf’s Bat Out of Hell Album {“oh you took the words right out of my mouth, must have been while you were kissin me…” Random, I know!} as well as few other new favourites which included:

– If Its Lovin That You Want Remix by Rihanna
– If We Ever Meet Again by Timbaland and Katy Perry
– Turnin Me On – Keri Hilson
– BedRock by Cash Money Hereos
– Say Aah by Trey Song
– Stereo Love by Edward Maya
– Imma Be by BEP
– Irreplaceable by Beyonce

and a whole bunch of others from Christina Aguilera, Pussycat Dolls, Pink Floyd, Amerie, and Carrie Underwood.

We finally arrived at the Radisson at 12:30am, and after 6+ hours of driving we were happy to crash in our Sleep Number beds! I’m a 35! lol

Part 2, coming shortly! 😉

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