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Could I be more busy?

What a week and a half!

After working a grand total of 68 hours last week, Monday to Sunday, I think that I can officially say that I am wiped!!! Is there an end in sight? Nope! But I am pretty excited about where I am going this coming weekend….


{photo by Jeremy Nielsen}

Lucky for me, work is sending me to present 4 cooking demonstrations this weekend at the GO Green Expo at BMO Stampede.

I have only been to Calgary once in my lifetime, and that was when I was 13. My grandparents took my sister, cousin and I on a two month drive across Canada. It certainly was one of those trips I will never forget, even though I was pretty young.

Anyways back to my quickly approaching adventure…

What’s even more exciting is that I will be able to cross off #28 on my 101 in 1001 list, because I am going to visit my friend Jo. We went to college together, and I would say that she is one of my best college friends. She moved out to Calgary shortly after graduation, so I haven’t seen her in… I think 3.5 years… ish… LOL.

I must admit though that I am a bit nervous about the whole traveling alone thing… but I just keep telling myself that I am still in Canada, I speak the language (haha sometimes), and that I have a credit card… there is not much trouble I can get into! 🙂

In the meantime I have a TON of things to do… including the bathroom reveal (which I did not forget about), laundry, packing, and a bunch of other “fun” stuff…

Have you ever traveled someplace by yourself? Where did you go? How did you cope with the the nervous feelings?

Work Out – Wednesday March 24

5 minute warm-up @ speed 3.5
10 minutes @ speed 6, incline 0
1 minute water break @ speed 4
10 minutes @ speed 6, incline 1
3 minutes water break @ speed 4, incline 1
5 minutes @ speed 6.5, incline 1
5 minute cool down @ speed 3.5, incline 0

Total KM = 5.49 (3.41 miles)
Total Calories = 289

In my head I really wanted to run longer, but my body was telling me to take it easy today, so I cut my workout short. I have gone pretty hard the past two days… so sometimes you just have to listen to your body…

Post Work Out Re-Fuel:

Blueberry & 1 Strawberry Mango Green Monster
1 big handful of spinach
1/2 cup Rubicon Mango Juice
1 Silhouette Blueberry Yogurt
1 fresh Strawberry

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