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I Want…

I ran 10km yesterday evening. It was such a nice day outside, that I couldn’t wait to get home from my event to go running…

This run made me realize I am in desperate need of new running apparel. The long sleeve GREY shirt I ran in yesterday was not a good idea!! I know, who the hell runs in grey, right? I was a giant sweaty mess by the time I was done {and it got me thinking that the one guy that honked at me as he drove by must have been completely oblivious and didn’t see the two giant swimming pools gushing out of my armpits! hahahah! reminded me of like this commercial}

First of all don’t even get me started on the shoes… I’m not even going to go there this post!

What I really want are some nice tank tops, pants, jacket, and ls-shirts.

This one on the Adidas website really caught my eye since I don’t like my shirts to be tight, and they must be long enough to the top of my pants…

I am also looking for a good pair of either pants or capris… I haven’t really looked to my full ability, but of the few places I did go I had an extremely hard time find a pair that didn’t ride up {in the not so flattering places} when you walk/run.

I might consider buying a pair at Lululemon IF they were perfect, and that is a big IF {mostly because I am cheap, and would have to drive alllll the way to Toronto to get them, so take the price of the pants and add an extra $30 for gas, parking and time!}.

Do you own a pair of pants that you just love? Where did you get them?

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