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All in the Name of Local Food!

I was lucky enough to be invited to an event today that involved spending the day at Queen’s Park {no, not to protest} with lotsa, lotsa food… so really how could I turn that down??

The objective of this event was to support locally grown Ontario foods… and there was tons of it there!

From the Diary Farmers of Ontario’s Ice Cream to the Egg Farmer’s of Ontario’s Egg Salad, everywhere you looked there were lots of good things grown right here in Ontario, best part of it was… getting to taste it all!!

This event was fun, and it got me thinking, do you really know where your food comes from?? I did some searching and found this awesome, awesome video by Hellman’s which will give you a little food geography lesson…

I was both shocked and amazed when I watched this video… it left me feeling like I want to help more, but really what can one person do… What did you think? Will it change the way you shop at all??

A resource that you might find helpful when searching for locally grown {Ontario} foods is the Seasonal Availabilty Chart over on the FO Website.

Since I work in the food industry, I do try to buy local foods when they are in season, but there is so much that I enjoy on a daily basis that we simply cannot grow here {ummm bananas!!!}. I really admire the people who abide by the 100 mile diet that live here in Canada, I wish it was something that I could do!

So, this has lead me to challenge myself. I want to prepare and blog about 1 recipe each month, for the rest of the year, that includes an ingredient that is locally grown, and in season that month.

Sounds like a plan, huh?

What will you do? Has this knowledge inspired you in anyway?

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