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Dressing Up a Stairway with a $5 Mirror

Remember back in April when I finally got around to painting my stairway/landing? Well, the truth is, it sat bare for quite some time…

It looked like this…


One day, while over at PD‘s house, he mentions something so earth-shattering, I wondered why he waited so long to tell me…

PD: So, I got a bunch of oversized mirrors from Home Depot last week…
Me: (nodding, with my mouth full, because when I am at PD’s I try to eat all the food I can) Aahmmm….
PD: They were all scratched and dinged up…
Me: Mmmhmmm….
PD: Yeah, I got like 8… they were only $10 bucks each, marked down from $80….
Me: (choking, sputtering… spitting out food…) What!? You have a bunch of large mirrors? Where are they? Can I see them? When you say dinged up, how bad? Are you going to use them all? Can I have one!? Pleeease!! I’ll give you $5.00!?

Moral of the story is…. if you live at Home Depot, like my dad, you catch all the sales and get stuff insanely cheap…

Large-Mirror-Stairwell Large-Mirror-Stairway Mirror-Stairway-Wall

Like my new mirror?

…. and again, excuse the crappy iPhone pics… I swear I do own a slightly better camera!….

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