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3 Home Decor Trends for Spring

I don’t know about you, but I’ve pretty much had it with Winter. The dark nights, the fridged temperatures, the snow (and lately, the rain)! I’m just about ready to call it quits!

Rather than watching the snow melt (which is kind of like watching paint dry), I thought I’d focus my attention on something I love; getting my home ready for Spring! Something magical happens inside when I spend a weekend deep cleaning the house, purging all my clutter from the Winter, and refreshing the place with a few (or more) Spring items (hello florals, goodbye birch)!

Best of all, changing your home decor over from one season to another isn’t difficult (trust me, if it was I wouldn’t do it!). And while it might sound expensive, if your decor already has a good foundation that consists of furniture that easily transitions (like a couch, armchairs, or dining set) it’s easy to pull a Spring room together on a budget!

Why not take advantage of one of these 3 Spring Decor Trends and transform your space into an oasis that is primed and ready for summer!

Welcome to the Jungle

Nothing says Spring like a bit of greenery! Why not introduce jungle colours, textures and decorative items to your decor. Natural textures like wicket, rattan, wood, and jute are an excellent neutral base layer, while bright and vibrant tropical prints & motifs turn your room into a jungle retreat. Adding a range of green plants, from the easy-to-care-for cactus to the more complex, but beautiful, fiddle leaf tree helps to fill bare corners and adorn coffee tables and shelves. If you don’t have a green thumb (like me) you can always opt for faux plants… don’t worry, I won’t tell!

Tropical Home Decor

fresno chair | leave toss pillow | art print | natural burl planter | wall vase | pineapple | lantern | mirror | serving tray | faux tree | carmela toss pillow | carly macrame pouf | powell armchair


At First Blush

While the blush pink trend has been around for years, I’ve grown to appreciate it most in the springtime. There is something about the sweet and subtle nature of the colour that makes me feel warm and glowy! If you’re a neutrals kind-of-gal (or guy), blush isn’t too much of a departure from beige or grey, meaning you can pair it with almost anything to transform a space! If you are looking to introduce blush pinks into your Spring decor start small with some ceramics, throw pillows, and art.

Blush Home Decor

lamp | clock | artflowers | bodie vase | montreal tray | throw blanket | mongolian toss pillow | carly macrame toss pillow | side table | bowl | ottoman | bar stool 


Pops of Colour

As the snow melts and the winter gloom dissipates it gives way to colour. Bright and bold jewel tones, loud and vibrant neons, and deep and rich primary colours pave the way to Spring! While I don’t have much colour in my house (the boldest, brightest thing I have is a piece of art I painted in 2012) I can certainly appreciate decor that incorporates it well! Ombre baskets can liven up a white bathroom, a bold statement mirror can jazz up an entryway, and a simple area rug can brighten up a kitchen! If you are looking to spice things up with colour this Spring have one to two main colours in mind and build your look from there!

Pops of Colour in Home Decor

art | candles | mirror | cactus vase | terrarium | baskets | stool | lamp | miramonte toss pillow | serving tray | kit accent runner | bloor arm chair


If you are looking to refresh your home decor this Spring make sure you check out all the new goodies at your local Urban Barn store! From furniture and decor to fabric and textures, your essential mix for Spring is in season and ready to show off its true colours in your home! Have a peek at their lookbook & get excited for Spring!

What Spring trend are you most looking forward to incorporating into your home decor?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored in part by Urban Barn and their new 2018 Spring Collection which is in stores now.

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  1. Hi Brittany,

    Good News: My family room needs a makeover and I am ready to take the plunge. Bad New: I am on a budget 🙁 Reading above….you mentioned it doesn’t’ have to cost much if I have a foundation like a couch, and chairs. I do. 🙂 I am overwhelmed with how to approach this project and I have zero style, but I know what I would like. How do your fees work? I would love a consultation and some direction/support/advice.

  2. Amazing! I Really love all the trends in your blog, but my most favourite was the jungle print that was so adorable. Actually I have one coushion with this kind of print. I really liked your blog and i am definitely going to use it this coming spring for my decoration. Thank you so much for sharing this blog. Keep Posting.

  3. It really helped when you said that bright and bold jewel tones can go well in spring. We’re thinking of remodeling some parts of our home but we were supposed to decide first on a color palette. It might be a good idea to choose a few shades first before reaching out to remodeling contractors.