New Carpet: The Dramatic Reveal

Ok ok, maybe it’s not that dramatic… but I am pretty damn excited about it!

The carpet was one of the main things that I really hated when I bought the house… I put replacing it on hold to do the bathrooms… then to do the furnace… then to go on a trip

I would cringe every time I would have guests over… “I’m replacing the carpet soon!” I would tell them, while simultaneously trying to distract them with shiny things… sometimes song & dance…. Other times I would just yell “don’t look directly at it!!”

I think that I felt more self conscious about the carpet than I should have… yet I don’t know a single person who enjoys looking at a carpet that has pet stains all over it, or has the ever-so-slight lingering smell of cigarette smoke…

Now I can rejoice… the days of bad carpet {and equally bad song & dance} are over!

December 2009: When I first moved in…

carpet3 carpet-4 carpet6

July 2010: When I started to accumulate more furniture….

carpet7 carpet8

January 2011: Before Amanda’s wedding…. she told me to get new carpet for the pictures… I said no…

carpet2 Carpet1

May 2011: We tore it all out….

House house4 house5


June 2011: We put the new stuff in….

IMG_8708 IMG_8710 IMG_8712

I honestly cannot believe what a difference it makes! The room looks brighter, bigger, and it makes the house look almost new! Not a bad investment for $0.99 a square foot.

I am so pleased with it I might lay down on it and never get up!

What do you think? Have you ever installed new flooring and were amazed by the world of difference it makes?

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