Refinishing a Dresser for Less than $20

This was one of those projects that you start thinking it’s going to be a piece of cake… a walk in the park… simple as pie… but after many trips to Home Depot, phone conversations with the sister, creating a dust storm in the guest room, and mangling close to 1 package of sandpaper… I finished it.

Not that it was in bad shape to begin with, I felt that it needed a facelift…



Such a big difference! I kept the original hardware because quite frankly, I like it… it adds charm! I even ended up swapping out the dresser in the master {the one I redid two years ago} for this one… since it’s bigger… and more grown up…

The outside grey colour is Benjamin Moore Aura Paint in “Willow”… the stain was a low VOC by Saman in Cocoa…

Cost Breakdown:
Dresser: Free from my mom
Sandpaper: $1 at the Dollarstore
Stain & Paint: $18 from Heer’s Decor {where Amanda works… employee discount!}
Total = $19

What do you think?

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