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Spiked Apple Cider with Cranberry & Juniper Bitters

Who doesn’t love the flavours of Fall? From roasted veggies and comforting chili to bowls of hot soup and big ol’ mugs of apple cider, I can never get enough once the cooler weather hits!

But when it comes to Fall flavours, apple cider will always have a place in my heart. When I was little I remember watching my Papa make fresh pressed apple cider from the apples on his farm. My mom and dad would spend hours in the orchard trimming the trees and selecting only the best apples for this homemade treat. Bushels upon bushels of ripe apples would make their way back to the barn where they were placed in the cider press. Watching the crank turn and the liquid pour out was my “job” in this whole process (you can’t trust a 3-year-old to do much more than that!). So much time and effort would go into producing 1L of cider, but I’m sure any farmer would tell you, one satisfying sip at the end of a hard days work makes it all worth it!

This refreshing apple cider beverage is a much more grown-up version than the one I enjoyed on the farm as a kid. Full-bodied Crown Royal Black Whiskey (which is filled with aromas of orange peel, apple, vanilla, and cinnamon; making it perfect for this drink), is gently shaken with Wild Muskoka’s Rock Barren: Cranberry & Juniper Bitters, fresh pressed apple cider, and ice, before being poured into a sugar rimmed glass and garnished with cranberries and orange slices! This drink is perfect for Fall family gatherings or a casual weekend afternoon.

There’s truly nothing that represents the flavours of Fall better than apple cider!

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Spiked Apple Cider with Cranberry & Juniper Bitters

  • Author: Britt Stager


One of my all-time favourite beverages to enjoy in the Fall is without a doubt apple cider. Whether it’s hot or cold, straight up or spiked, when someone hands me a cup I can’t help but beam from ear to ear!


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  1. Using a slice of orange, run it around the rim of a glass until it becomes wet. Turn the glass upside down and turn it through the rimming sugar until covered. Fill glass with a few ice cubes.
  2. Pour whiskey, bitters, and cider into a shaker. Add ice. Shake 10-15 seconds. Strain into prepared glass and garnish with apple slices, cranberries, cinnamon sticks and orange slices. Serve cold.

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Cheers to the weekend! How are you celebrating?

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