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Fabulous Hostess Gifts for Under $35


Let’s face it, at some point this summer you are going to find yourself attending a get together. Whether it be a backyard BBQ, a friend’s birthday party, or impromptu cocktails on the patio, you’ll want to extend your gratitude to the hostess by thanking her with a fabulous gift. One that turns heads. One that stand out. One the hostess will actually use (like those way cool copper mugs? Yeah, I’d use those all the time!).

You can be sure this round-up of 20 fabulous hostess gifts (all for under $35 I might add) will be a stunning surprise for any hostess this summer!

To see my full line-up of fabulous hostess gifts, head on over to myFabulous Hostess Gifts Under $35” Ideabook on Houzz.com.

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