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Tea with Sarah Richardson

What do you do when you are presented with an opportunity to meet one of HGTV’s superstar designers? Jump up and down with joy? Tell everyone you know? Go out and buy a “tea appropriate” outfit? Well, I did all of the above.

When Jen of Rambling Renovators invited me to join her and the ten “Tea with Sarah Richardson” Pinterest Contest winners I could not decline. I’ve been watching Sarah since her early days on Sarah’s House and Design Inc. After meeting her partner in crime Tommy Smythe at the Canadian Design Bloggers Meet-Up, I knew it would be only a matter of time before I would get to meet Sarah.

Early this afternoon I made my way to Toronto. I’ll admit, I left 3 hours early because there was no way I was going to be late. Arriving promptly at 3:30pm, at Sarah’s Design Office in Downtown Toronto, I was joined by a rather large group of completely overjoyed bloggers. You could literally feel the anticipation and excitement in the room…. and then in walked Sarah.

Sure I squealed like a little 5 year old girl on the inside, but who wouldn’t? I mean, it’s Sarah Richardson! After a tour around her design office, some spiked iced tea from Pluck Tea, and the first official preview of her new fabric line for Kravet, Sarah talked about her new show “Real Potential” and how she enjoyed staring in a new series that was so different than what she is used too!

It turned out to be a lovely little afternoon filled with some new and familiar faces, tea & cookies, and of course a gracious host. Can’t wait to hear Sarah’s Keynote Speech at BlogPodium tomorrow!

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