Bangin’ my head against the wall… To headboard or not to headboard

Welcome to my {still} unfinished master bedroom. You may remember seeing it featured on First Time Fancy’s Perfectly Imperfect Series…. ya, not much to look at…

Well, it’s slowly coming along… I have two nightstands now… and a hope chest… and a chair… oh and some fancy lantern thingies hanging in the corner… impressed?


One thing that I don’t have is a headboard.

Does a headboard make or break a room? Is it an absolute must in a master bedroom? From what I heard on Twitter last week… yes, a headboard or focal point around the bed is a must.

You can see I already have an IKEA picture ledge, but I feel like I still need something to pull the eye down towards the bed…? like a headboard…. maybe…?

So what do you think I should do? Any headboard suggestions, thoughts, ideas? Have you seen any cool DIY’s? Or anything on sale…?

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