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My Weekend According to My iPhone

1 // “J” & I put the finishing touches on our new covered patio over the weekend, so it’s safe to say it’s done! Stay tuned, I’ll be posting the full reveal & tour next week!

2 // Finished up some paintings… Really considering opening an Etsy shop…

3 // S&T got married! These dear friends of mine met when we were all in high-school, so it was only appropriate that they had a “school” themed wedding! Probably the most colourful one I have ever been to!

4 // The happy couple!

5 // My date to the wedding… and yes, we planned on having the dress match the tie!

6 // No wedding celebration would be complete without the bestie-selfie!

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  1. How fun is that school-themed wedding! Looking forward to your patio reveal. You look beautiful!