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Life Lately According to my iPhone

1 // Took a quick mid-week trip to Nashville for business…

2 // Definitely a charming (and very fun) city!

3 // The ACME Feed & Seed building is a must-see!

4 // And the food is a must-eat! These Beer Belly Tacos rocked my world!

5 // Robert’s is where it’s at in Nashville!

6 // The Don Kelly Band was seriously amazing! I understand they play at Robert’s every Wednesday night, so if you’re in town ask them to play “The Bird is the Word,” it will blow you away!

7 // Bachelorette party brunch after an extremely hot yoga session at Moksha Yoga… my first time and I definitely loved it!

8 // Run (don’t walk) to Starbucks! They have a S’Mores Frappuccino! #WorthTheCalories

9 // Treated myself to a little upgrade. Loving the Canon 5D!

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