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Colourful Hydration

Did you know you are supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day? Yeah, I said eight! For those of you who need a comparison, that’s like drinking a 2 L pop bottle worth of water every day!


And while I have always known about the “8 glasses a day” rule, it wasn’t until I started to make an effort to drink 8 glasses a day that I realized just how damn boring drinking water can be… and I mean bor-ing! I found getting that amount of water into my body was difficult because of the many other wonderful drink options out there… like coffee, pop, wine, beer… I can go on! Once I determined there was no way to kick coffee, wine or beer to the curb, it was easy to completely eliminate pop from my diet. In fact, I quickly learned that it wasn’t the actual pop I was craving, it was just the fizziness!


But hey, you know what fizzes just like pop, but is much better for you? Sparkling water! Yup, in this moment of clarity I realized I could have my cake and eat it too! Water and fizziness all in one glass! So I quickly began experimenting with my SodaStream. Not only can you create simple fruit & veggie infusions for everyday enjoyment, you can also create delicious cocktails & mocktails for special occasions. It’s easy for me to say I have quickly become obsessed and getting my eight glasses a day is no longer a problem! #HydrationForTheWin!


Fruit & Veggie Infused Water

We all know drinking water should be a part of our everyday routine, but how do you fight the boringness? Adding fresh fruits and veggies to water can not only boost the flavour, but add important nutrients. Try this colourful infusion if you are looking to relax or have trouble sleeping.

Red Grapes
Orange Slices
Baby Kale
Fresh Mint
SodaStream Sparkling Water

Clean fruit and veggies thoroughly and place any quantity you wish in a glass. Carbonate your water using a SodaStream. Add ice to the glass and pour sparkling water over. Give a quick stir and enjoy!


We all benefit from just adding water to our diet… what are some of your tips for getting your eight glasses a day?

Disclosure: I was provided with a SodaStream corporate sample in order to create the fruit & veggie infusion for this feature. I’ve owned a SodaStream for a year now and honestly use it everyday; as stated above it has revolutionized how I drink water. I was not compensated in any other way to write this post, and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Your concrete patio area seems like it would be simple enough for my husband and I to replicate. We need to put in a patio in the backyard. My only question is about the metal wiring in one of the photos. What exactly does the metal wiring do for the cement?


  2. Great idea! Sometimes we all just need a little extra fizz & bubbles in our lives 🙂

    I actually wrote a blog post a couple months ago on four tips for getting enough water in throughout the day – my personal favorite being to drink a big green smoothie with water as the base for breakfast 🙂