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Gatherings // Pulled Pork with Real Baked Beans

I like to think that I am pretty simple. And realistic. “J” might try to tell you otherwise… but in my books, simplicity always wins! So when I received a copy of Gatherings: Bring People Together with Food by the talented Jan Scott and Julie Van Rosendaal, I knew this was a cookbook and entertaining guide that was written for me.


Gatherings does an excellent job at simplifying every entertaining occasions, and providing realistic recipe options your guests will love. Less fancy, over the top meals and immaculate table spreads, and more casual, fun, and comforting entertaining. That mean stress-free and easy dinner parties that everyone can enjoy (even the hostess herself!).


When you open the book you’ll notice it’s organized into chapters that represent real life situations (vs. like recipes that are grouped together). I found this so helpful and intuitive. Everything from a Holiday Open House to a Big Family Gathering, you’ll find menu options and entertaining & styling tips to build your hosting confidence and strengthen your relationships over food. A total win in my books!


My house is no stranger to big family gatherings. When I came across this section in the book I was immediately drawn to the rustic pulled pork (pg 180) and real baked beans (pg 185). Now that’s my kind of comfy, casual entertaining menu! I can’t tell you how incredible my house smelled as I cooked up a storm. The pulled pork slowly tenderized in the crockpot, while the beans baked away in my oven. By dinner I was more than ready to give these recipes a try! The pork was perfectly tender and beautifully seasoned, while the beans had just the right amount of bite. Definitely a meal any family would love!

#GatheringsBook Blog Tour
To support our two lovely friends Jan and Julie, a few of us bloggers thought it would be fun to host a Gathering Blog Tour! This week you can tour around to the 17 blogs listed below and read all about their cookbook experience.

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Again, I can’t recommend Gatherings enough! It is the complete package and would make for an excellent Christmas present or hostess gift!

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  1. Britt, this pulled pork is on my list too – I could go for some now (yes, for breakfast!). Thanks for taking part in the virtual book tour – what a delicious assortment of food we have at our virtual table!

  2. Thanks so much Britt for sharing the book and your thoughts with your readers. Julie and I have been blown away by the posts and support this week and we SO appreciate everything you've done for us. I think you've just convinced me that I need to make this for dinner next week! xo

  3. I have always loved homemade beans and will definitely try this recipe. Never been successful at making a true pulled pork yet – so must give this one a go, too… make a great pulled pork with the traditional Hawaiian pork recipe…. and just made porchetta which does a heavenly sandwich with the leftovers… so – thrilled to have this book to coach me through!

  4. How do I find the size of each board? I can follow directions but can't start figuring out the math

  5. My wife and i really like this design.
    Am planning L-shaped variant for our backyard patio.
    Many Thanks for posting and subsequent inspiration!