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Highjacked! Quick Cheat Laksa

What’s up peoples? Nice to (finally) meet you…I am Nikki, and I am going to be “hijacking” Britt’s blog today. I don’t have my own blog yet, although I am going through the necessary motions to get there…I’ve signed up for blogger… good start I know…

So, where to begin? I love to read blogs… all different kinds of them, fashion, food, design, wedding, and just plain random everything… they are all so inspiring. They also make me think I am good at everything, like cooking for example, I see all these beautiful food photos and think “wow I can totally do that, AND take the top notch pictures”… this is not always the case because of the terrible lighting in my apartment and my lack of chef skills… but hey, I do it anyways!

I do have a couple favourite blogs that I read… Closet Cooking, Gina’s Skinny Taste, Budget Bytes, the Pioneer Women Cooks, and For The Love Of Cooking, just to name a few… they make some pretty awesome food and I often copy taste-test their recipes…

So let me show you my “blossoming” skills in cooking & photography. This week I tried something really new…


Quick Cheat Laksa

Adapted from Mochachocolata Rita

1 pack of vermicelli (soak in hot water)
1 pack of laksa spice paste (it called for 2… but I forgot one)
1 can of coconut milk (165ml)
1 cup of bean sprouts
4 sausage links – mild
1 cup of tofu puffs, cut in half (first time they are interesting)
3 stalks of green onions

Add laksa spice paste to hot water (directions on pack), add coconut milk, sausage and tofu puffs, bring everything to boil and keep it hot until you are ready to serve. Blanch bean sprouts, and prepare vermicelli, arrange in serving bowl add the soup mix and garnish with green onions.

It was really different, not a flavour I am used to but very delicious. The tofu puffs absorbed a lot of flavour, I don’t know if I would eat them again though. This recipe, on a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being very difficult) was around a 3 because it was literally just throwing everything in a pot or a bowl and serving.

And there you have it! My first Highjacking! Don’t worry there will be plenty more where that came from… until I finally get my own blog set up that is…

So I guess this is where I ask a question….? I’m always looking for new blogs to add to my feed-reader, what  are some of your favourite “must read” blogs?

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