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Kitchen Appliance Guides

So the day has come, you finally admit you need new kitchen appliances. Maybe the last working burner on your stove finally bit the dust. Or maybe your dishwasher’s dry cycle leaves your clean dishes wetter than the rain-forest. Or maaaybeee your fridge is costing you so much in hydro you could have put both your kids through university by now! Either way, deciding it’s time to purchase new appliances can be an emotional day!


When J & I finally decided it was time to upgrade our simple black appliances for something “more gourmet” I admit I was completely overwhelmed by all the choices. Do we want stainless steel or white? Should we stick with an electric range or upgrade to gas? Do we want a freezer on the top or bottom? All very important questions that had to be addressed before taking a trip to Leon’s.



Fast forward to today. We have owned our new appliances for six months and are still ecstatic about our decision to upgrade. Knowing that both buying and owning new appliances can sometimes be difficult I have put together two appliances guides I hope you will find helpful!

A Guide to Purchasing Kitchen Appliances


Purchasing new appliances can sometimes be a stressful and expensive investment, after all there many things to take into consideration when choosing new appliances for your kitchen. Regardless of whether you are planning a full kitchen reno or just updating the appliances, significant time should be spent ensuring the style, brand, and size of appliances are right for you.


Want to learn more? Check out my FULL appliance purchasing guide on the Hello Yellow Blog.

A Guide to Caring for Your NEW Kitchen Appliances


There’s something about stainless steel appliances. They are a sleek, professional, and oh-so-shiny addition to any kitchen, but boy do they attract fingerprints, spills, smudges, and watermarks! And while the keeping, preparing and cooking of the food can be fun, cleaning up after the “magic happens” is sometimes… not so fun! Keeping your kitchen clean and in working order not only creates a positive impression and makes you feel good, but can prolong the life of your home’s hardest working appliances!


Want to learn more? Check out my some of my tried and true appliance cleaning tips on the Hello Yellow Blog!


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