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My Top 7: Hamilton Food & Drink Fest

1. Let me start by telling you I wait all year for this… Coconut Cream Squares from Dyment’s Farm & Bakery. You heard me… I wait all year. I bought a box of 6… they give you diabetes just looking at them.

2. Commuting. This show was close enough to home that we could drive in each day, which was nice because I am sick of staying in hotels…

3. There is nothing like a freshly baked pizza… from a portable wood fired oven…

4. My Thai. They have the best pad thai, shrimp, and mango salad!

5. Watching David Adjey cook a $90 slab of Tuna…. and then not getting to taste the $90 tuna 🙁

6. The live music. If you have never heard of Grenville Pinto you should probably look him up! This guy has mad violin skills!

7. Mini cupcakes! So cute, sooo expensive!

Happy Monday friends! How was your weekend? Did you get out to do anything fun?

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