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Project Grow Our Own Food

This past weekend marked the official start of our latest project… Project Grow Our Own Food.

‘J’ and I have always taken an interest in locally grown foods. I very much enjoying shopping at our farmer’s market in the summer months to support our local farming community, and last year we even tried out a local, organic CSA program. This year however, we finally have a backyard big enough to accommodate a full scale vegetable garden.

‘J’ spent the past few weeks designing the gardens, plotting the layout, and making lists of the supplies we need to build it. Last week we received our organic, heirloom seeds from Hawthorn Farms, and after calculating the germination periods and growing times, ‘J’ determined we needed to get the seeds started this past weekend. So Sunday afternoon we tackled over 150 starters…

In the coming weeks we will be building the raised garden beds and planting the vegetables & herbs – so there will be lots of garden action to follow! And although I tend to kill most plants, I’m going to try very hard to tend to this garden. Growing my own food is something I have always wanted to do, and now that I’ve been given the opportunity to try, I am not going to squander it!

Do you have a vegetable garden? Do you have any advice to offer this vegetable garden newbie?

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